loralora: isle of exotic phrases

genealogy: lovechild of the moon and the land of ten thousand lakes; next of kin to baroness elsa von loringhoven
occupation: kicking down sand castles with 5-year plan of working up to decaying institutions
hobbies: most recently eloped with a lap dulcimer in the appalachian mountains
favorite time of day: the last minute
partners in crime: will and momentum
muse: caffeine-induced mania
mission: rapturous rupture


Maid, Mother, Crone
Rima Staines
Oil on Oak

According to the artist: "She gradually took shape, the triple goddess against the full moon. Maiden, Mother and Crone joining hands in the circle of life-death-life, Maiden and Crone holding a garland of Hawthorn, Rose & Elder over the head of the Mother. In the belly of the Mother are housed all four elements — earth, air, fire, water — and from this holy crucible spring vines which reach out through the painting and entwine the goddesses all three. At their feet in the leaf mould grow mushrooms of all incarnations — life from death. The whole scene is nestled within a red womblike window, as if the oak is revealing to us a secret of the true nature of things."



whenever i say “this is the life” im directly referencing this image and intend for it to be read in the voice of a child doing an impression of themselves as a relaxed adult

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Every day a costume and that’s just the truth.